WarnerMedia unveiled the first two original Latin American productions for its new direct-to-consumer platform. They are in production in Argentina, by Zeppelin Studios, and in Mexico, by Dopamine.

WarnerMedia Latin America announced the production of Días de gallos and Bunker, two original titles for the arrival of the global streaming platform HBO Max to the region in June of this year.

The first two exclusive productions in Latin America, to be seen under the Max Originals brand, are in production in Argentina and Mexico.

Tomás Yankelevich, Chief Content Officer of General Entertainment at WarnerMedia Latin America, stated: “WarnerMedia aspires to be the best in the world in storytelling, generating experiences and emotions that our consumers value and enjoy, anytime, anywhere, anywhere screen. In Latin America, we are producing a wide variety of original content that will soon be available on HBO Max.”

“Our content offering will not only have the highest quality but also great variety, with stories of different genres, from drama to comedy, from suspense to animation, which are addressed to a wide audience, with a new and absolutely creative,” he added.

“At WarnerMedia we are very proud of the content we have been working on for a long time. Now, through HBO Max, we will have the great opportunity to draw the curtain, to bring them closer to even more audiences,” Yankelevich completed.

Here are all the details of the first two Latin American Max Originals series.

Días de gallos

Produced together with Zeppelin Studios, it is currently being filmed in Buenos Aires. The series is a youth drama set in the competitive world of freestyle battles.

It has 10, 45-minute episodes and is led by new talents, such as Ángela Torres, Ecko and Tomás Wicz; renowned names such as Julieta Zylberberg, Carlos Portaluppi, Delfina Chaves and Rafael Spregelburd; and other freestylers like Roma, NTC, Klan and drag actress La Queen.

The series shows the emotions and dreams of an entire community of young and talented artists who compete with each other as they navigate their relationships of friendship, love and sex and try to learn from their mistakes.

“I am very happy to be doing Días de gallos because I feel that it addresses the conflicts that a large part of today’s youth go through, with a very sincere vision,” said Angela Torres. “I love Rafaela because I learn from her; it is a great inspiration for me to play a woman with her strength and courage.”

Ecko commented: “This series portrays the world I come from, freestyle, so I feel very comfortable because of that and because of the great team we have.”

Tomás Wicz, of the trio of protagonists, completed: “For me it is a pride to be part of Days of Roosters because it is a brave series. It is the series that I would have needed to see as a teenager. Undoubtedly it will mark a before and after in the way of summoning the youth and representing it by the characters that compose it, so diverse, real and necessary.”


A series produced together with Dopamine and currently filming in Mexico City. It is an acid humor comedy of 8, 30-minute episodes.

In the series, a man who has lost the respect of his wife and children only finds peace in an old bunker in the basement of his home, but he does not imagine how fate will turn him.

Bunker has a great cast that includes Bruno Bichir, Miguel Rodarte, Ricardo Polanco, Liz Gallardo, Adrián Vazquez, Claudette Maille, Giselle Kuri, Victor Oliveira and Jesús Zavala.

“Bunker is a hilarious story in which Vladimiro, the character I play, is a family man who has an anti-atomic bunker in the basement of his house and, out there, while the world is falling apart, a series of entangled with Russian and Korean scientists and unscrupulous businessmen and all of them involved in totally crazy and funny stories to become the delight of the spectators,” said Bruno Bichir.

Miguel Rodarte, from the leading cast, added: “Bunker is a highly revolutionized comedy that requires me to improve myself in every way in order to deliver a humor that borders between black and acid, which together with the coloring of the characters made this trip a unique and unforgettable experience… It’s atomic fun!”

“Bunker is the result of the extremely hard work of the people who make our industry one of the best in the world,” added actor Victor Oliveira. “It is a story that involves two Mexican families, a group of Russians, another of Koreans and some activists whose stories come together for a common cause. It’s a mess where loyalty, family and lots of action flourish.”