Titled La sagrada familia, the new docuseries will be directed by David Trueba and will revolve around the controversial Catalan family Pujol-Ferrusola.

Launched at the beginning of the year in the US and in some selected territories, the new OTT platform, Discovery+, is already producing its first original series for Spain.

It’s the documentary series La sagrada familia, directed by the prestigious journalist and director David Trueba.

As detailed, the series will have four episodes and will focus on the controversial Catalan family Pujol-Ferrusola, led by the former president of Catalonia Jordi Pujol, today investigated for numerous cases of corruption together with his wife, Marta Ferrusola, and seven children.

It will be produced by Lavinia Audiovisual for Discovery.

“As in the best novels, the Pujol family saga is dotted with anecdotes, incidents, memorable episodes,” Trueba explained in a press release.

“Few human materials can be richer to portray a time and a country. Our idea is to give the material an epic treatment, where eagerness and ambition also determine the final destiny of the characters. Faithful to real events, but with the conviction that we are dealing with an iconic character, larger than life,” he added.

Antonio Ruiz, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Discovery Spain, added that La sagrada familia will be “the first of many original Spanish Discovery+ productions.”

“It is part of an ambitious Discovery strategy of betting on national production and talent, through stories about real life that are relevant to all of us,” he added.