With Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau as protagonists, the series produced by Grupo Ganga promises to rise “to the category of phenomenon, with an incredible impact at an international level”.

Disney+ announced the start of filming for La Última, its second original Spanish series.

It will, however, be the first to reach the streaming service. The other project underway is the Balenciaga series, which will take longer to be released.

The latter stars the singer Aitana Ocaña in her first job as an actress, and Miguel Bernardeau (Josefina, Elite, Todo lo otros), one of the most beloved couples on the Spanish art scene. It will be available exclusively on Disney+.

As they explain from Disney, La última is “a generational portrait of maturity, the struggle to make one’s way, love, complicity and the power of friendship.”

The production of La Última, which will have five episodes, has been entrusted to Grupo Ganga, creators of Cuéntame Como Pasó, the longest-running and award-winning Spanish series on Spanish television and nominated for the Emmy Award for Best International Series (2003), as well as of other fictions such as HIT, Fugitiva and Desaparecida.

The new Disney+ original series will be directed by Eduard Cortés (Merlí) and Abigail Schaaff (The Ministry of Time). Anaïs Schaaff (Isabel, The Ministry of Time), Jordi Calafí (Malaka, The Ministry of Time) and Joaquín Oristrell (Tell me, The tribe) are the creators.

Sofía Fábregas, Vice President of Original Production for Disney+ in Spain, stated: “The latest reinforces the ambitious project of the original production of Disney+ in our country. We’ve assembled a powerful creative and artistic team to tell a story that we know will connect with viewers both in our country and around the world.”

“In addition, being able to count on the talent of Aitana Ocaña and Miguel Bernardeau, both generational icons with great prestige in their professional fields, is a real privilege that we are sure will elevate La Última to the category of phenomenon, with an incredible impact. at an international level”, added Fábregas.


Candela (Aitana Ocaña) is a girl who works in a logistics company while she pursues her dream of becoming a singer. Her life changes one night when a multinational record company executive hears her sing in a bar. That same night, Candela meets up with Diego (Miguel Bernardeau), an old classmate from her high school who is fighting to be a professional boxer. Here begins La Última, a story of overcoming, disappointment, illusion, courage and empowerment.