The Latin American series is produced by TeleColombia and features musician Carlos Vives as the main character.

Disney+ announced that filming for El club de Los Graves, a new Latin American fiction series, produced by TeleColombia, has begun.

It is a musical series starring Colombian artist Carlos Vives, who plays an eccentric music teacher and who has been in charge of composing the original songs for the fiction series.

El club de Los Graves will consist of 10 episodes of 30 minutes. Filming will take place over the next few months in different locations in Colombia. The premiere is scheduled for 2022.

The story follows Amaranto Molina (Carlos Vives), an unconventional music teacher who comes to teach at a school specialized in music education, governed by ancient formulas that ignores students who do not comply with the rules established by the commercial success.

The director of the institute, Eduardo Kramer (Julián Arango), chooses each year five students nicknamed Los Agudos to join the prestigious Teen Band of the school. Molina, then, is assigned as a teacher at Los Graves, a group of students who are left out of the selection because his talent does not meet market standards.

In this way and with disruptive methods, the eccentric teacher will undertake together with the boys a transformative musical journey that will help him heal wounds and will inspire each of the young people to express their unique talent, finding together a hopeful common path and at the same time , they will discover the mysterious past that the professor hides.

The cast of El club de Los Graves is made up of Catalina Polo, María Fernanda Marín, Manuela Duque, Salomé Camargo, Elena Vives, Brainer Gamboa, Kevin Bury, Gregorio Umaña, Pitizion, Juan Manuel Lenis, Juan Camilo González, Giseth, Zoila and Deisy Mariano, and Luis Fernando Salas.