Televisa revealed that its telecommunications service Izzi will offer access to Disney+ as an “additional service” in Mexico.

Same as it did in Spain with Movistar, Televisa’s Izzi will be Disney+’s great ally for its launch in Mexico.

The news was revealed by Televisa itself, which confirmed that Izzi will offer access to the OTT platform as an “additional service.”

At the moment, the exact details of the alliance are not known, although if what happened in Spain is taken into account, surely Disney+ will be available for free to subscribers of the most premium Izzi packages.

“Disney+ will be an additional service that will be offered to the customer base in Mexico. Instead of viewing Disney+ as a competitor, there are ways that we can all benefit, including Disney and ourselves, from new platforms coming into the market,” said Salvi Folch, director of the cable segment at Televisa.

“We cannot discuss details because we have signed a confidentiality agreement with Disney. However, it will be important for us and it will be a complementary service for our Cable, for our Izzi products,” added Alfonso de Angoitia, Grupo Televisa executive co-president.

Disney+ will launch in Mexico on November 17, the same day as in the rest of Latin America.