Following in the footsteps of Netflix, The Walt Disney Company platform is implementing a policy in India that will seek to limit the use of the same account at multiple addresses

As expected, other international streaming platforms have decided to follow in the footsteps of Netflix and try to end or limit the sharing of the same account by multiple addresses.

Disney+, The Walt Disney Company’s streaming platform, will implement measures in India to end password sharing, a method by which a single paying customer is used by people from multiple residences.

Known as Disney+ Hotstar in India, the platform will seek to have only four devices connected at the same time, a rule that exists in the contract but that was not being applied to users who today can log in simultaneously from dozens of devices, and that in the In the case of the cheapest plan, the number of simultaneous devices is limited to just two.

It is still a much narrower version of what Netflix did, which enforced its restriction policy in more than 100 territories around the world and tied it to the user’s IP, providing exceptions only in case of travel and through the use of a code.

The new policy for Disney+ Hotstar in India will start to apply in the coming months.