The award-winning Turkish production is also available on the premium platform Mitele Plus, where it can be viewed in advance.

Love and Hate -distributed internationally by ATV– is the new Turkish fiction that Divinity will premiere this Friday, September 23 in prime time, as part of the event You Will Love Again, and which is now available on the premium platform Mitele Plus, where you can see it in advance.

As of Monday, September 26, the women’s channel of Mediaset Spain will broadcast the series in a daily strip from Monday to Friday at 11:00 p.m., preceding the final stretch of Me robó mi vida.

Included in 2018 in Forbes magazine’s list of the most profitable Turkish series, ranking ninth, and filmed in numerous outdoor locations in Cappadocia, Love and Hate became an audience hit on its broadcast on the ATV channel. Sold to more than twenty countries around the world, it is also an international phenomenon.

The fiction, from the creators of Me robó mi vida and Huérfanas, Gül Abus Semerci and Yelda Eroglu, and directed by Hakan Arslan (Kinali Kar), is also a phenomenon on social networks, where its female protagonist Burcu Kıratlı (@burcukiratli23) sweeps on Instagram with 5.4 million followers.

In Love and Hate, Ali is the son of a wealthy family, in his thirties. He is sent to jail for a long time for murdering a man called Ahmet. Ali has been exchanging letters for the last years of his imprisonment with a girl, Mavi. When Ali’s penalty ends, Mavi comes to meet him on his first day of freedom. Ali and Mavi almost know each other, thanks to the letters they have been sending. Ali and Mavi decide to get married after a short while.

But Mavi didn’t choose Ali out of all the people in prison as a pen friend just by coincidence. Mavi is Ahmet’s sister who died years ago and her life turned into a nightmare after this incident. She wants to kill Ali on their wedding night as her brother is also killed on his wedding. But she doesn’t know the truth. The real murderer is Ali’s brother Cemal. Ali, took the blame and went to prison instead of his brother because Cemal is married and has kids. In fact, Ali saw Mavi’s ID during the marriage procedures and learned the truth but kept silent, for the name of love. Mavi stabs Ali on their wedding night. Ali, takes a few scars and says he won’t file a complaint if Mavi accepts to live together. Mavi tries to object this decision but an impossible love would begin between them.