The series -a co-production by Eccho Rights, Dopamine and LA Productions- will premiere in December

Granite Harbour, a co-production of Dopamine, Eccho Rights and LA Productions, will premiere on BBC One and BBC Scotland next month.

Granite Harbor is a three-episode crime drama miniseries shot earlier this year and to be released in primetime. “It has been an enriching project from beginning to end. It has a well-realised script and high-quality production. Together we have managed to create a new business model for Mexico and I am happy to take our brand to BBC screen together with our colleagues,” explains Fidela Navarro, CEO of the Mexican production company.

The series tells the story of ex-soldier Davis Lindo, who dreams of joining the UK police, but when he arrives from Trinidad to his new post in Aberdeen, a harsh dose of reality is his only welcome.

“It is a classic story of integration where a character full of energy and color arrives to a closed, gray and very classic city, where not only his different views will help solve cases, but it will bring light around him. The series is designed to become a franchise that returns regularly to the screen. I hope it has the success it deserves,” explains Maria Garcia-Castrillón, director of co-productions at Dopamine.

Despite never having set foot in Scotland, Lindo is eager to enlist and start anew, away from family troubles in Trinidad, away from a past life he wishes to forget. However, on his first day on the job, the body of a high-profile figure is found, and Lindo finds himself embroiled in the case: the victim is a local businessman whose oil company has long been controversial with a handful of rivals and opponents with reasons to get rid of him. Lindo is assigned to work with local Detective Sergeant Lara Bart, who is his complete opposite, but the two quickly develop an understanding and respect for each other, and together they begin to investigate the alleged murder.

As the case progresses, Lindo discovers that his instincts lead him down a path that isolates him from his colleagues, including Bart, and ultimately his recklessness kicks him off the team. However, his sense of justice prevents him from giving up and he continues to investigate on his own. When the police finally make a breakthrough in the investigation, it’s not what they expected. But Davis is presented with the opportunity to right a mistake from his past, to save a life that seems like an echo of his own.

Granite Harbor will be distributed internationally by Eccho Rights.

“This seemed like the perfect story for the international market as it provides a unique view of the UK from an outsider’s perspective. Lindo will have to solve incredible cases that will engage global viewers, in a unique location full of intense life. It is the first time we have worked with an independent Mexican studio with this international vision and we are delighted with the teamwork and the new models of collaboration without borders,” said Adam Barth, Director of Co-Productions, Acquisitions and Development at Eccho Rights.