The President of the Council of Foreign Relations will open the new event, which will take place on April 20 during Natpe Virtual, to discuss the business of televised news, featuring companies like AccuWeather, Axios, CNN, Newsmax and Tubi.

The premiere global business association for content producers, distributors, streamers, and buyers across all platforms, National Association of Television Program Executives (Natpe) announced that Richard Haass, President, Council of Foreign Relations, will deliver the opening keynote at Natpe Virtual: News Television. The new, free and fast-paced event will be hosted by Gio Benitez, ABC News Transportation Correspondent, and take place on April 20, 2021.

Attendees can expect keynotes, firesides, and panel discussions covering news franchises, streaming, sponsorship sales, and different concentrations including sensationalized breaking news, politics, crime, health, financial, entertainment, sports, weather, special interests, and much more. Notable companies participating in a variety of ways include AccuWeather, Axios, CNN, Newsmax, PBS, and Tubi, with more to be announced in the coming weeks.

Also planned for the event will be the inaugural Natpe News Awards honoring excellence in TV news reporting. Being recognized for excellence as an anchor is Greg Kelly (Greg Kelly Reports). With his unique combination of charisma and experience, while delivering news that real people care about, Greg has made a successful transition from local morning news to become a powerful primetime voice of America’s fastest growing cable news network. PBS Newshour is being honored for excellence as a news program. For over 45 years PBS Newshour has provided news, analysis, top headlines, and live coverage to a broadcast TV and digital audience.

Natpe’s President and CEO JP Bommel, said: “News is at the core of the television experience, and we are thrilled to bring together such great minds as we dig into how the space is changing as the industry evolves.”

Natpe Virtual News Television is the next of a string of events being produced through Natpe Virtual, which for example powered Natpe Miami and Natpe’s single day event on The Business of Live Sports last month.