Having a record 499 episodes, Forbidden Fruit finished its six seasons in several Latin American countries and aims to premiere on Univision in 2024.

*Produced by Ana Paula Carreira, from Cannes, France.

Turkish distributor Calinos Entertainment shared at Mipcom 2023 that Forbidden Fruit broke the record of 499 episodes in Turkey, and those are have been already broadcasted in several Latin American countries, such as Panama, Peru, and Paraguay.

Duda Rodrigues, international Sales Director for Latam at Calinos, said the series is still on air on Chilevisión, where it is a hit with audiences at 6:00 p.m. and keeps very high ratings in Puerto Rico, as high as a share of 56% in Wapa.

“It is a very successful title in our catalog, which is already sold out in all Latin American countries, but there are countries that are more advanced and where the broadcasting of the six seasons has already ended, and there are countries that are just starting. For next year, we expect Forbidden Fruit to be on Univision,” said Rodrigues.

Forbidden Fruit is a Turkish drama about two sisters, Yildiz and Zeynep, who have a close relationship but have very different personalities and goals in life. Zeynep is a young woman who strictly adheres to her ethical values, aspires to have a successful career, and strives to achieve it. At the same time, Yildiz believes she deserves more and considers that happiness is achieved by marrying a rich man who will save her from her poor life.