With two successful dramas, Farah and Forbidden Fruit, leading its catalogue, Calinos Entertainment is present at the new edition of LA Screenings Independents.

The Turkish adaptation of La chica que limpia, called Farah, is Calinos Entertainment’s star content for this first part of the year and leads the distributor’s offer at LASI 2023.

“We had great expectations to see what the Turkish version would be like and it’s super good,” said Duda Rodrigues, Sales executive for Latin America at Calinos. “We can already with nine episodes see the differences. She is a strong woman who was in that difficult situation. The story is turned more to the romantic side. Taken more to love, to classic drama, because the first episodes are stronger”.

Assisted by the great work of FOX Turkey in the pre-launch campaign, Farah has been a success since its first episode.

“Customers have already called to request the episodes dubbed into Spanish because they want to evaluate the product,” Rodrigues commented. “There are few prime titles with this level of success and networks are hungry for hit content, with classic stories and Farah has all of those elements – a high performance classic story.”

The series will complete the first season with 15 episodes, which is about 45 for Latin America: “the next season, which will begin in September, will end up giving us 150, which is a good number for Latin America,” explained the executive.

Along with Farah, Calinos has another title that doesn’t slow down: Forbidden Fruit, currently in its sixth season.

“Forbidden Fruit began with the expectation of having three seasons, but the success was such that the producer said: ‘I can’t stop recording this title that is a leader on FOX,'” Rodrigues explained. “So it was decided to make the fourth, fifth and sixth season, which was announced to be the last.”

“Countries like Peru, Panama and Paraguay are in the fifth season. Puerto Rico, with Wapa, and Ecuador, are about to start the first season,” she explained. “Many clients wait for the production in Turkey to finish to program in their country, because in Latin America we are not used to interruptions between seasons.”