Acquired in 2022 by Night Train Media, Eccho Rights continues to consolidate its place as one of the international markets leading distributors, using its vast experience in Turkish drama, and European and South Korean content, to promote its success on screens around the world.

Acquired in 2022 by Night Train Media, Eccho Rigths is one of the leading international distribution companies, with a wide and varied library of Turkish, European and South Korean content.

The distributor has been presenting its latest titles to the international market, and as far as the Hispanic America is concerned, in January the company announced the sale of the Turkish dramas Golden Boy to Atresmedia in Spain and Mega in Chile, while the latter also acquired Chrysalis.

“Chile and Spain have been the first two Spanish-speaking territories that have been closed and have been announced,” Barbora Suster, director of International Sales for Latin America and Iberia at Eccho Rights, told ttv. “However, Golden Boy is a “golden” title, like its name, and it sells wonderfully. We are in the process of signing several agreements in Latin America, which we will announce soon,” she added.

In addition, Eccho Rights has bolstered its Turkish catalog with the new Turkish drama Endless (Fedakar), currently on air and performing very well in Turkey, which promises to be another attractive offer for Ibero-American programmers.

“Endless is a Sürec Film production for Kanal 7. Its programming is a little different from the others since it goes on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00. It does not go no prime time. The idea is to see how it evolves and maybe later turn it into a daily series”, she explained.

The plot of Endless features Tarık, who has been on a mission for a year to find the man who murdered his sister. Finally, he identifies the murderers motorcycle in a young mans house and goes to avenge the death of his sister. But hes not home, and the only person Tarik can get his hands on is the killers sister, Elif. She swears that he is innocent, but Tarık kidnaps her as bait to lure her brother Sefer. Holding Elif captive, Tarık hopes to crush her spirit until he turns on his brother. But the young woman, who has dedicated everything to her family, has the strength to do everything possible to protect Sefer. And this force awakens something in Tarık, something he didnt know he had been missing all his life.

Its clear why Eccho Rights’ extensive catalog, which is renewed year after year, has for years had an impact on screens and audiences in Latin America.

“Turkish content in Latin America and Spain continues to work just as well. It is true that Spain is booming and Latin America is more cautious, it chooses its titles better, cherry picking is done more than volume buying”, explained the executive. “After the pandemic, some channels have lost their slots, which have been replaced by catalog titles, with slightly cheaper content, and their own production. However, Turkish drama continues to have its place and audience, and it continues to do very well. Therefore, we continue to bet on Turkish content,” she added.

In this regard, the executive analyzed the current scenario: “I think that the Latin American buyer is looking for more classic productions. That is why Golden Boy works very well, which is a classic drama, with young protagonists and a love-hate game. Thats what works and attracts the audience.”

In addition, Eccho Rights has a wide range of European and South Korean productions.

“Turkish content continues to be the flagship in Latin America and Spain, but European content does have a place on pan-regional platforms and channels in Latin America, as well as Korean content that is sold to platforms and SVODs, and even now Free TV channels are flirting with the idea of starting to program Korean content. Also, with our new offices in London, we have more and more UK content.”

Regarding the return of content syndication by the majors, and the high competition that this represents together with the proliferation of independents, Suster explained that Eccho Rigths has always had content for all types of windows.

“We have the advantage of having offices in different parts of the world, and therefore more direct access to all buyers, and that is a formula that is working for us. And, without a doubt, Latin America and Spain are regions that contribute a large percentage of the companys profits.”

In short, for both Miptv and LA Screenings Independents, the company will continue to strengthen the presence of its new Turkish dramas, with Ömer and Golden Boy at the forefront, both airing in Turkey and renewed for their second seasons. And will also be presenting daily titles such as Redeption, Endless and Chrysallis, among others.

And in terms of European content, the catalog features Icelandic drama As Long As We Live, the UK drama Desperate Measures, and the Swedish comedy Krypto Kings.