The series starts İlker Kaleli and Öykü Karayel and will debut this Thursday 21 on Show TV.

Eccho Rights announced the acquisition of international distribution rights for the upcoming Turkish drama, Kara (Original Title: Arak), produced by Most Production and set for its debut on December 21 on Show TV in Turkey.

It tells the compelling story of Kara, a young thief from the slums of Istanbul. In a quest for truth and revenge, Kara infiltrates the life of Zeynep, whose family he once robbed, leading to a tumultuous journey where love and vengeance collide, leaving his future uncertain.

Kara features İlker Kaleli, renowned for his roles in The End, Lost City, and Secrets, and his award-winning performance in For My Son. He stars alongside the talented Öykü Karayel, famous for her roles in Kuzey Güney, Black Money Love, Magnificent Century Kösem and Ethos.

Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights said: “We’re delighted to reveal the latest fascinating addition to our catalog, Kara, and to be partnering with Most Production once again. Kara portrays the journey of its characters through love’s highs and revenge’s lows, while facing the harsh truths and the relentless dilemmas of life, and navigating its many obstacles; by embodying the richness of Turkish storytelling at its finest. Everything from the storytelling, to the direction and the cast leads Kara to be an international hit, and we are happy to bring such a compelling story to the global stage.”

Murat Can Oğuz, co-owner of Most Production and the producer of Kara, shared his comments as : “We’re so pleased to continue our partnership with Eccho Rights with our new drama Kara, a story about two individuals from starkly different worlds, connected by a single, transformative night. As the creative team behind the project, we have worked tirelessly to bring this story to life. With an exceptionally talented cast led by İlker Kaleli and Öykü Karayel, and guided by a visionary director, Ender Mıhlar, we have strived to create a narrative that is not only enthralling but also profoundly resonant. I am confident that this gripping series will enjoy high ratings in its original hometown, Turkey, and its evergreen themes and performances will appeal to international audiences too.”

Kara tells the story of a pivotal ’98 night when Elif, the wife of Rauf Çınar, one of the country’s leading economics professors, is stabbed by a thief named Necip, who breaks into their home. The lives of these two families from completely different worlds change after that night. Kara’s father, Necip, emerges from the house he entered as a thief, as a murder suspect. Rauf’s daughter Zeynep loses her beloved mother that night; Kara loses his father, his only hero. In the intervening years, Kara becomes like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. And with what he steals, he takes care of an entire neighborhood. Zeynep, who wants to lift the veil of mystery behind the night she lost her mother, has become a journalist pursuing the truth. The only thing these two people have in common is that night. Kara sets out to learn the truth behind the tragic night he lost his father and crosses paths with Zeynep. Zeynep, unaware that Kara is the son of the man who killed her mother, suddenly falls in love with this intelligent and charming man. And Kara falls for the daughter of his enemy. Their pain will bring them closer together on this journey. They both want to lift the veil of mystery behind that tragic night. The mystery will come to light as the two are drawn to each other, but what will win? Love or the truth?