The international distributor is presenting the newest titles from its catalog of Turkish dramas, led by the successful series Golden Boy; the new drama, Ömer; and the third season of Chrysalis, which all together form “an unbeatable trio” for the international market.

With a new parent company and several additions to its international catalogue, 2022 was a year of evolution for Eccho Rights, having expanded its business both in terms of strategy and territories.

“2022 was a good year for Eccho Rights. By mid 2022, Eccho was acquired by Night Train Media and this boosted our EU operations,” said Barbora Suster, head of Latin America and Iberia at Eccho Rights.

Following the acquisition by investment and co-production team Night Train Media (NTM), which acquired the distribution company from Korean media group CJ ENM, Eccho Rights continued to operate as an independent unit, combining its expertise in Turkish, Scandinavian, South Korean and European content to complement NTM’s focus on English-language productions.

“Generally speaking, Eccho Rights is growing in all business areas,” the executive continued. “We are picking up on sales after the pandemic, focusing on the digital rights as well, stepping up in the UK.”

Thus, the distributor began this 2023 with plans to continue increasing its sales, especially those of its star genre, Turkish drama, and within it its most recent success, Golden Boy.

Golden Boy

“We aim to close deals for Golden Boy in most of the territories in the Q1 not letting behind other Turkish titles, of course. It was our greatest hit from the Q4. Reaching over 15% rating, it is the most watched series in Turkey in many years,” she explained.

“We will also be presenting a new series from OGM, the same production company, in January under the name Ömer , which is very promising as well,” she added.

In this search for new screens for its Turkish titles, Latin America continues to be, despite the pandemic, a fertile territory, with fans of the genre in almost all the territories in the region.

“Latin America, as the main consumer of Turkish content, is still recovering. Channels didn’t get back to the level of acquisitions pre-pandemic yet, as they have restructured their grids and lost some of the slots dedicated for this type content. Therefore the selection of the content for these slots is more detailed and exhaustive.,” she explained.

Golden Boy

“But, with the right title, as Golden Boy for example, we are confident to get on the screens of all main territories,” she added.

With this goal in mind, Eccho Rights is traveling to Content Americas to present an extensive catalog of Turkish dramas, led by Golden Boy and complete with the latest hits in the genre, including Ömer and the third season of Chrysalis, to create “an unbeatable trio”.

In addition to these three titles, the distributor will be presenting the dramas Legacy, whose third season is airing in Turkey and continues to be one of the most successful daily dramas; Redemption, another daily drama that made its debut in November; Forever Together, airing on Sundays in Turkey, and Hear Me, a great series for a younger demographic.

Aside from traditional distribution, Eccho Rights is looking to focus more on its digital operations, not only for titles in its catalog, but also commissioning third-party content, investing more in English-language content.

Golden Boy

“The presence of OTT platforms and their growth continues to increase the appetite for content,” said the executive. “AVOD is unstoppable and SVODs are increasingly interested in long-form series. Conditions keep changing but I think there is a great future for streaming services and FAST channels,” she concluded.