The Swedish distributor will co-develop fiction series with the British production company.

International distributor Eccho Rights announced on Wednesday an output deal with British producer Born Wild through which both companies will co-develop fiction series.

Born Wild is led by producer Anthony Alleyne, who has just released his first film, Sunburn, on VOD in North America and Canada. Alleyne is also represented by The Gersh Agency.

“Anthony is an ambitious and creative producer with a long list of outstanding projects in development, perfectly positioned for the changing international market,” said Nicola Söderlund, Managing Partner at Eccho Rights.

Through the agreement, Eccho Rights and Born Wild are in fact already working on several titles for which they already have co-production partners.

These include: The Crystal Isle, a black comedy based on a true story of drug smuggling that already has the support of RTP in Portugal; One Euro Village, a mockumentary focused on a small Italian village that sells dilapidated houses for one euro to stay afloat; and Ezequiel Himes, a post-apocalyptic Spaghetti Western based on the graphic novel by Spaniards Víctor Santos and Alberto Hernández.

Also in development is Red Swamp, a thriller set in the swamps of Finland in which a group of French explorers investigating a new world emerged after the melting of Arctic glaciers discover that they have become prey.

The project has been selected as part of the Film France / Nordic Film Commissions showcase for December 2020.

“I am impressed by the vision and energy of Nicola and the entire Eccho Rights team and their vision to take our projects globally. We’ve already made incredible progress,” Alleyne said.