Following its sale to Spain, the Turkish drama produced by O3 Medya has now been picked up by Digitalb in Albania.

Eccho Rights has sold My Sweet Lie, a Turkish drama produced by O3 Medya for Star TV to Digitalb in Albania.

Premiering this summer to stellar results, My Sweet Lie has captivated audiences with its touching story of a father who has only one goal, to spare his daughter from any suffering and disappointment. Nejat hides the fact that his wife left the family and pretends she is doing humanitarian work in Africa, even writing letters in her name to their daughter.

Constantly hoping for her mother to finally come home, little Kayra jumps to the wrong conclusion when a charming young woman, Suna, shows up on her birthday with a cake. Nejat doesn’t find the courage to tell the little girl the truth and convinces Suna to play along. And with that, the lies only worsen…

“After its launch at Mipcom, we have received great feedback for this series. Clients are open to heart-warming, family-oriented stories like the one at the center of My Sweet Lie”, says Fredrik af Malmborg, Managing Director at Eccho Rights.

My Sweet Lie is the latest acquisition by Mediaset España in Spain, who also recently acquired Everywhere I go (produced by Karga Seven Pictures, a Red Arrow Studios company). With 20 Turkish dramas currently on air in Spain and various premieres announced, the appetite for Turkish drama in Spain continuous to grow. The title marks the 8th drama Eccho Rights has sold into Spain.