The distributor signed a deal for the Turkish drama with TV Pasiones for the US Hispanic market, in addition to Achla TV for Israel and another deal for 20 French-speaking territories in Africa.

The Promise, the hit Turkish Drama series from producers Karamel Yapim, has been licensed to a string of new territories that sees its international reach grow to over 60 countries.

At the same time the series has been renewed for a fourth season, to air on Kanal 7 in Turkey from September 2021.

Achla TV will bring The Promise to Israel, TV Pasiones has acquired the rights for the long-running drama to join its slate of Spanish-dubbed Turkish Drama for the US Hispanic market, and another deal just completed will see the series airing across 20 French-speaking territories in Africa. Eccho Rights is the international distributor for the series.

“The ongoing success of The Promise, both in Turkey and abroad, shows that there is always a thirst for quality stories told with emotion – romance, betrayal and revenge remain classical themes that speak to audiences all around the world,” says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights.

Upon release in 2019, the first season immediately improved the fortunes of Kanal 7, tripling the broadcaster’s share for its daily slot. This success has continued through the second and third seasons, while also translating to top ratings around the world, the series enjoying particular success across Eastern Europe with top ratings on Bosnia’s OBN, Georgia’s Imedi and Poland’s TVP2.

The Promise tells the story of Reyhan who promises a dying family friend that she will marry his rebellious son Emir, and straighten him out. Despite the hostility she suffers from her new family, Reyhan is determined to honour her promise.