The new Korean drama, produced by Studio Dragon and Studio&New, was the biggest drama launch in Korea this past season.

Eccho Rights announced it will distribute new Korean drama series Doom at Your Service worldwide following an agreement with mother company CJ ENM.

Produced by Studio Dragon and Studio&NEW for CJ ENM, Doom At Your Service was the biggest drama launch in Korea this Spring and won warm reviews and top ratings at its premiere in May 2021.

The series stars two of Korea’s most popular actors Park Bo-young (Oh My Ghost, Abyss) and Seo In-guk (Hundred Million Stars from the Sky), and will conclude its 16 episode run later this month.

The story of Dong-Kyung, a young woman who receives a terminal diagnosis but is offered the chance to fulfil all her dreams in her final 100 days on earth, the series mixes romance and comedy with fantasy, as she starts to fall in love with Doom, the mysterious being that has come to grant her wishes – in return for her soul.

“This is a warm, relatable romantic comedy, that also offers escapism with its fantasy elements during what has been a difficult year for all,” says Deborah Youn, Head of Asia Business at Eccho Rights.