The new series is produced by Sürec Film and will premiere on Kanal 7 in Turkey.

International distributor Eccho Rights is bringing brand new drama Endless to the global market, and have already secured pre-sales for the upcoming Turkish series.

The Sürec Film-produced series (original title Fedakar), has been licensed to Achla TV in Israel and Happy Channel in Romania ahead of its premiere on Turkey’s Kanal 7, this Saturday, 18th March 2023.

“High volume dramas from Turkey have become a hugely attractive option for broadcasters looking for long-running series that consistently pull in good viewing figures in both afternoon and prime time slots. And with Sürec Film producing, buyers are assured of a premium production,” says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights.

Sürec Film have been one of Turkey’s top production outfits for more than a decade, creating a string of hit series including last summer’s sensation, Hear Me, for Star TV.

Endless (240×45): Tarık has been on a mission for a year, to find the man that murdered his sister. He finally identifies the killer’s motorcycle at a young man’s house and goes to avenge his sister’s death. But he is not home, and the only person Tarık can lay his hands on is the killer’s sister, Elif. She swears that he is innocent, but Tarık kidnaps her, as bait to lure her brother Sefer.

Holding Elif captive, Tarık expects to crush her spirit until she turns on her brother. But the young woman who has devoted everything to her family, has the strength to go to any lengths to protect Sefer. And this strength awakens something in Tarık, something he didn’t know he had been missing his entire life.