Ekin Koyuncu, OGM: “Our library has expanded with completed and dubbed series”

The Global Distribution and Partnership Director of the young company shared their experience on MipCancun 2023, one that Koyuncu qualifies as “much more fruitful”

*with production by Ana Paula Carrera, from Cancún, México

OGM Universe, the distributor of the reknown Turkish production company OGM Pictures, is very close to celebrating its first year and is already founding a lot of success, in Latin America and around the world, thaknks to a powerful catalogue.

“This year our library has expanded with completed series, and dubbed in Spanish series, in addition with our new series that is been broadcasted right now,” says Ekin Koyuncu, Global Distribution & Partnership Director, OGM Universe.

“MipCancun 2023 has been much more fruitful for us because the Latin American market tends to be more interested in completed and dubbed content and finally, as OGM Universe, we have been able to deliver completed and Spanish dubbed content to the market in addition with our new primetime series,” she explained.

Among these completed series buyers can find Stickman, Miracle of Love or the daytime series Broken Destiny.

“And also, during this market we are presenting our brand new primetime title, Lost in Love, which is airing on Star TV on Thursdays,” explained Koyuncu. “We have two episodes right now and we are getting great attention from Turkish audiences, with 6,2 millions views on YouTube for the first episode in just 12 days, and over 4 million views for the second episode, in just 5 days.”

In Lost in Love, Mete and Naz, born into wealthy and influential families, have been promised to each other since childhood after an unfortunate incident. Their competitive natures lead to an on-off relationship marked by frequent fights. As Mete returns from abroad, ready to marry Naz, he encounters İncila, Naz’s devoted maid, and they share an unexpected connection. Secrets, rivalries, and hidden passions within their families fuel the chaos. Mete grapples with his feelings for two women, and love finds its way through relationships.

“The trailer that we are showing here on the market excited our clients and they are waiting to see the upcoming episodes,” she added.