OGM Universe is presenting Lost in Love at Cannes, while moving forward into uncharted Asian territories for the young distributor

*with production by Rodrigo Ros, from Cannes, France

OGM Universe brought its newest title, Lost in Love, to Mipcom Cannes 2023, taking place in Le Palais des Festivals, while still showcasing other huge hits, like Stickman and Miracle of Love, while anticipating new titles for the future markets.

“We are very excited to introduce our upcoming title from our pipeline, Lost in Love, which will be airing in the following days,” says Ekin Koyuncu, Global Distribution & Partnership Director at OGM Universe.

“We are also bringing again our titles from last year, Stickman, which recently ended its second season on the Turkish TV; and Miracle of Love, our fantastic story; and our daily drama, Broken Destiny,” adds the executive.

Meetings wise, Koyuncu pointed out that while Latam, CES and Mena are the main regions for OGM Universe, Mipcom has presented great opportunities: “This market we are making some new contacts from Asia, untouched territories from us,” says the executive. “We have talked with Japanese and Chinese companies, and we are very happy to have taken a step forward regarding those markets.”

Looking ahead, Koyuncu shared that OGM Universe will be at MipCancun -and ATV, Content Americas and many others after- presenting a new drama among those that will be premiering in Turkey during the first half of the year.