Juan Osorio’s new melodrama premieres in the United States on Univision this Monday, February 26 at 10p/9c.

Univision announced the premiere of the new telenovela El amor no tiene receta, which unites the story of two families. The melodrama, created by Juan Osorio, will premiere on February 26 at 10p/9c.

Univision’s new telenovela tells the story of two loving families: one in opulence and without a mother figure, the other of scarce resources, and the great dream of finding the youngest of its members.

El amor no tiene receta tells the moving story of Paz (Claudia Martín), a humble woman who, after suffering the theft of her newborn baby six years ago, is turned around by fate when she agrees to work for Esteban (Daniel Elbittar), a widower with three children.

Paz is immersed in a series of experiences that lead her to reunite with her daughter and the woman who took away her dream of being a mother. In this process, Paz realizes that she can still be a mother and love again.

The telenovela also stars Altaír Jarabo, Azela Robinson, Beatriz Moreno, Antonio Mayer Camil, Coco Máxima, Isabella Tena, and Nicola Porcella, among others.