Netflix revealed the most watched content of 2020 on its platform in different territories. In the case of the United States, the appearance of the Spanish film El Hoyo stood out as the most watched foreign-language film.

Continuing with its habit of being more transparent in terms of viewing data, Netflix revealed the list of its most popular titles of 2020 across different countries.

And with regard to the US, the titles were separated into two lists: the most viewed by the type of emotions or themes (crying, laughter, love, travel, etc.) and the most viewed in terms of non-English-speaking productions.

In the first list, series such as Space Force, La casa de papel, Dear White People, Tiger King or films such as El hoyo, The Social Dilemma or Hillbilly Elegy stood out.

In the second, meanwhile, there were several highlights for the Hispanic world.

On the one hand, the Spanish film El hoyo established itself as the most watched foreign-language film of 2020.

Although shocking, the data is not surprising if you consider that Netflix itself had revealed in July that the Spanish film was already the most popular foreign language film in history on Netflix.

Along with El hoyo, the appearance of El practicante in ninth position also stood out.

The top 10 foreign language films:

1. The hole (Spain)
2. Lost Bullet (France)
3. Rogue City (France)
4. #Alive (South Korea)
5. Ip Man 4: The Finale (Hong Kong)
6. Kidnapping Stella (Germany)
7. Cuties (France)
8. The Crew (France)
9. El practicante (Spain)
10. Freaks: You’re One of Us (Germany)

In terms of series, the German title Barbarians surprised in the first position. The Hispanic world, however, had a good representation in the Top 10 with La casa de papel (Spain), Dark desire (Mexico) and Siempre bruja (Colombia).

In total, Netflix revealed that during 2020 the consumption of non-English-speaking series increased in the US by 50%.

Top 10 non-English speaking series:

1. Barbarians (Germany)
2. The Rain (Denmark)
3. Dark (Germany)
4. Money Heist (Spain)
5. Oscuro deseo (Mexico)
6. Ragnarok (Norway)
7. Siempre bruja (Colombia)
8. To the Lake (Russia)
9. The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods (Japan)
10. The Protector (Turkey)

On the same day, Netflix also revealed similar rankings for Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, among others.