The Mediapro Studio and Atresmedia Studios officially announced the production for the reboot of the successful series, El internado, which will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Days after the Spanish press revealed the news, now the producers involved have made it official: the reboot for El internado will begin filming during the first half of 2020.

Amazon Prime Video announced this Tuesday that The Mediapro Studio and Atresmedia Studios are producing El internado: Las Cumbres, their first “exclusive series”.

Thus, this new version of the hit teen series will be an Amazon Exclusive, as will Pequeñas coincidencias. The next Spanish fictions La templanza, El Cid and Un asunto privado, however, will be Amazon Original series.

The new production, which will begin shooting in the first quarter of 2020 and has not yet confirmed the distribution, will be developed in natural settings in northern Spain.

Maintaining the disturbing atmospheres, the mystery and the thriller, El internado: Las Cumbres will add more doses of terror to the story that more than a decade ago was a milestone for Spanish fiction.

Because El internado not only reaped great audience successes during its seven seasons of broadcast by Antena 3, but also meant the launch of some of the most recognized Spanish actors today, such as Blanca Suárez, who debuted in this fiction; Ana de Armas, recently nominated for the Golden Globe; Martín Rivas or Jon González, among others.

“It is undoubtedly a tremendous pride to announce today a production of this size in Spain,” said Ricardo Cabornero, Head of Content at Amazon Prime Video Spain. “The international success of El internado a decade ago continues to captivate thousands of fans today, and we are sure that this new version of the series will be a reunion for all of them and will conquer new audiences.”

The new series is a production of Atresmedia Studios and The Mediapro Studio. Leading the executive production will be the creator of the franchise, Laura Belloso, as well as Laura Fernández Espeso and Javier Pons by The Mediapro Studio, and Ignacio Corrales and Sonia Martínez, of Atresmedia Studios, who will lead the team of scriptwriters formed by Asier Anduenza, Sara Belloso and Abraham Sastre, who were also in El internado: La Laguna Negra, series available on Amazon Prime Video

The Success of El internado

After four years and seven seasons on broadcast, El internado aired its last episode on October 18, 2010 having seduced an average of 3 million each week on Antena 3.

Thus concluded a family series of mystery that was an important step forward in the quality standards of Spanish fiction. El internado garnered great successes in terms of audience and critics for the originality of its theme, its careful staging and the quality of its scripts. A combination that resulted in one of the most prestigious series of recent years, with an important fan phenomenon, which was a real launching pad for the youngest actors in the series.

Awarded with several awards, among which stands out the Waves achieved in its first year, with only six episodes issued, El internado has been an innovative series in many aspects. It was the first Spanish fiction to make the jump to the consoles when taking out the official video game for Nintendo DS and led to the launch of several derivative products such as the edition of the series on DVD (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) or a video game for mobile.

In addition, Planeta Junior created a collection of books written by the writers themselves that reproduced the plot of the series while introducing new keys to solve the mystery.

El internado: Las Cumbres

The story will take place in a school located next to an old monastery, in an inaccessible place between the mountains, isolated from the world. The students are rebellious and problematic boys who will live under the strict and severe discipline imposed by the center to reintegrate them into society. The surrounding forest is home to ancient legends, threats that remain in force and that will immerse you in thrilling and terrifying adventures.