Pepe Bastón’s new production company closed a co-development and production agreement with the SVOD platform aimed at the US Hispanic market. The first three premium series have already been announced.

Pantaya and Elefantec Global announced a co-development and production alliance, by which the production company led by Pepe Bastón will create series, films and other entertainment content for the US Hispanic audience.

The news comes a few months after Pantaya was acquired by Hemisphere Media Group.

As part of the agreement, the first three projects were announced: La rebelión de las esposas, Sonido latino and a new version of Telenovela, broadcast by NBC with Eva Longoria and Kate del Castillo as stars. The remake will have Longoria as the director of the first episode.

All productions will have Pantaya as their exclusive window in the US.

“We are excited to partner with our friends at Elefantec Global. Its impressive track record of creating high-end, culturally relevant content that resonates with different segments of the Hispanic and Latino audience aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our valued subscribers with high-quality entertainment through one format and platform. designed specifically for them,” said Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantaya.

Pepe Bastón, co-founder of Elefantec Global, commented: “We are extremely happy to see that our latest series, created by the independent studio we founded two years ago, are being co-developed with Pantaya. This significant agreement represents another important step in helping us fulfill our vision of bringing together the best Latino talent to develop content for the global Latino audience.”

In addition to Bastón, Elefantec has among its founders Jeff Symon, Carlos Martínez, Carlos Sandoval, Antonio Alonso and Daniel Ucros.


Telenovela: Eight episode comedy, based on the format originally produced by Universal Television in association with Tall and Short Productions and UnbeliEVAble. The new version is written by Fernanda Eguiarte and has Eva Longoria as the director of the first episode. It tells the story of a soap opera star who enlists the help of a skeptical young writer to reinvigorate her career and save the soap opera genre on a struggling network. It will feature some of the most recognized soap opera celebrities.

La rebelión de las esposas: A six-episode drama series written by Adriana Pelusi. It tells the consequences of a decision that changed the lives of four friends. Tired and bored with their marriages, the women reunite and run away together in the hope of rediscovering themselves and what they really want out of life. But breaking with their day to day carries risks, and the four friends will be inexorably linked to each other, not only because of their journey but also because of a murder.

Sonido latino: Eight episode dramedy, written by Carlos Algara and Mandy Otero. Set in Miami, the story takes us into the world of Latin music through the eyes of a very successful manager who has to balance the passion she feels for her work managing top-level musicians, and her personal life that little by little. little is crumbling. The series will include cameos by renowned artists who play themselves and will appear in every episode.