The Turkish drama distributed by Eccho Rights has been on air on TVN for 32 months, becoming the longest running series in Chile.

On November 24, 2016, Elif became the first Turkish series broadcast on public channel TVN. Today, 32 months later, the drama became the longest fiction aired in Chile with two years and eight months on air, and 676 episodes aired on July 24, 2019.

The series surpassed Hidden Truths on Mega, which until July 24th had 510 episodes and two years on the air.

Elif is a Green Yapim production, broadcast in Turkey by Kanal 7. Its international distribution is handled by Eccho Rights.

In Turkey it already exceeded 900 episodes, so the record it holds in Chile still has room to continue growing.

The series tells the story of Elif, an abandoned little girl. When she turns six, her mother secretly takes her to the house of the Emiroglu family, where she will grow up as a maid. Although they don’t know it, Elif is the daughter of Kenan, the eldest son of the family.

“Elif was an excellent choice. We believe that the audience has managed to empathize with Elif’s tenderness and innocence and with Melek’s resilience and perseverance as a mother. That indissoluble bond that endures despite having the world against it really moves”, said Isabel Rodríguez, executive producer in charge of TVN’s foreign programming.

“Literally Elif has grown up on the TV series. The character has suffered misfortunes, but her resilience is worthy of admiration. She is an example. Even at his young age, she always sees the positive side, manages to get ahead and expects the best of people,” she added.

Elif is broadcast Monday through Friday at 4:15 p.m. on TVN.

In addition to Chile and Turkey, it has been licensed or sold in countries such as Argentina, Spain, Peru, Ecuador, USA, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica, among others.