Elif Turna, Mediahub: “Alaca Has Been Very Well Received”

The director of Sales and Business Development for Europe and America at Mediahub is in Cancun presenting their new production, Alaca.

*with production by Ana Paula Carreira, from Cancún, Mexico

After having presented its new title Alaca at Mipcom Cannes 2023, Mediahub has brought the Turkish drama -still in production- to be formally introduced to Latin American buyers.

“We are at MipCancun presenting our Turkish international catalog to audiences around the world,” said Elif Turna, Director of Sales and Business Development for Europe and America at Mediahub. “Here in this market we are privileged to share our new series Alaca with our customers in Latin America.”

“So far we have received very good feedback and I think we will have good news about Alaca soon,” she added.

Alaca (125 x 42), follows the story of a young village girl who, with an old lover divided between loyalties, a ruthless father who seeks his own benefit and a wound that will remain with her forever, must embark on a search for the truth that will take her to Istanbul. Oblivious to the fact that the people closest to her hold the keys to her past, Alaca must uncover the truth behind the heinous crime that changed her life forever.

Along with Alaca, Mediahub is presenting the drama Broken Lives, which aired on Kanal D in 2021-2022; and the thriller Eyewitness, about a respected owner of a private security company, who must solve the mystery of his wife’s disappearance, among other titles.

“Apart from that, from our international catalog we bring Arabic titles, Filipino series and Kazakh series, which are very good opportunities,” added the executive.