Premiered on Friday, March 13th, the Spanish series’ third season was the go-to entertainment for most of the homes quarantined due to the coronavirus spread, becoming the most-binged series in the world over the past week.

As Spain was declared in a State of Emergency on Friday, March 13th, the Spanish population devoted their time in isolation to watching the new season of Elite, which coincidentally premiered on that same day, causing Netflix to collapse due to the high demand.

And it seems as if the Spanish production’s popularity extended well past Spain, serving as entertainment for million others in quarantine around the world.

So much so, that the Netflix production led TV Time’s Binge Report for the week of March 9-15, standing as the most-binged series around the world with 12.27% of binges.

On My Block, also by Netflix, ranked second, with The CW’s Riverdale in third place.

The list is completed by Friends (NBC, fourth place), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, fifth), Brooklyn NineNine (NBC, sixth), Vikings (History, seventh), I am not OK with this (Netflix, eighth), The 100 (The CW, ninth) and How I Met Your Mother (CBS) in last place.