Netflix confirmed the premiere date for its successful Spanish fiction and shared new impages of the anticipated season.

In January of this year, Netflix anticipated the premiere of Elite, season 3, for March.

And now, the platform confirmed the exact return date for the Spanish fiction, announcing the premiere will take place on Friday 13th and revealing the first images.

A Zeta Audiovisual production, the third season of the series will be directed by Daniel de la Orden and Jorge Torregrossa, and written by Darío Madrona, Almudena Ocaña, Carlos C. Tomé, Andrés Seara, Jaime Vaca Quintanilla.

The cast is composed by Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán), Danna Paola (Lu), Itzan Escamilla (Samuel), Arón Piper (Ander), Omar Ayuso (Omar), Ester Expósito (Carla), Mina El Hammani (Nadia), Álvaro Rico ( Polo), Georgina Amorós (Cayetana), Claudia Salas (Rebeca), Jorge López (Valerio), Sergio Momo (Yeray) and Leïti Sène (Malik).

The new episodes will begin with the return of Polo (Álvaro Rico) to Las Encinas. The situation of tension that generates its presence among all students can only end in one way: with a new tragedy at the school.

In the third season of Elite, the protagonists will face their last months at the institute, a stage in which they will have to make decisions that can change their future forever. A journey in which love, sex, and friendship will be more present than ever, but also jealousy, secrets and the desire for revenge, which threaten to destroy lives that were really just about to begin.

On the occasion of the premiere of the third season, Netflix has organized a special tour, which will take the main cast members to visit three Spanish cities during the first week of March: Barcelona, Bilbao and Seville.

The second season of Elite, like the first, was another success for Netflix both in Spain and internationally, repeating appearances in TV Time’s lists of 10 most binged series around the world.