The Inter Medya series made its debut as the first Turkish drama for the US Hispanic network, beating other Hispanic networks by double digit margins in key demos.

Endless Love has conquered yet another international territory.

The Turkish series premiered on Monday, July 7 on Univision, delivering a stronger audience than its closest Spanish-language competitor.

Aired locally as Amor eterno, the drama, the first Turkish title to premiere on the US Hispanic network, out-performing Telemundo’s Caso Cerrado head-to-head by 18% among adults 18-49 (452,000 vs. 384,000) and 70% among adults 18-34 (211,000 vs 124,000).

In addition, the hashtag #AmorEternoUS was the trending topic on Twitter during its broadcast.

Endless Love is one of the strongest drama series and has reached audiences in more than 80 countries,” said Beatriz Cea Okan, VP Sales & Content Acquisitions at Inter Medya.

“It is a very strong series with truly global appeal and exhibits all the classic hallmarks of Turkish drama, with a heartbreaking romance at its core, family conflicts, and a highly talented cast.”

Distributed internationally by Inter Medya, Endless Love has reached over 80 countries and scored stellar ratings with its premieres, most recently setting records on Divinity in Spain.

The series won the International Emmy for Best Telenovela last year, marking a milestone for the Turkish television industry. In addition, the series won the Special Jury Prize at the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2016.

Endless Love tells the love story between two youngsters who come from very different worlds: Kemal, born in a middle-class family and about to become an engineer, whose life is turned upside down when he meets Nihan, who comes from a wealthy background but finds herself distant from her own world.

Viewers discover what happens when two people from different backgrounds fall in love and whether they can stay together.