Following two successful seasons, the third installment of the hit sports competition format will premiere on the US Hispanic network on Monday, August 19 at 7:00pm.

Telemundo announced the return of the hit reality-sports competition, Exatlon, slated to premiere Monday, August 19 at 7:00pm.

“The success of the past two seasons really pushed us to up our game, which is why we are coming back reloaded with new and more challenging parkour courses, set in a new location with a diverse range of natural habitats,” said Ronald Day, EVP of Entertainment, Telemundo Networks.

“We are sure fans will enjoy this exciting and family-friendly show and come together once again to support their favorites.”

Hosted by sports commentator, Erasmo Provenza, the intense and entertaining family-friendly program will seek to find the participant with the strongest physical and mental skills using a series of obstacle courses and extreme life conditions set in total isolation from the rest of the world.

The third installment of Exatlon will take place in a new location with renovated and more challenging parkour courses that will test the competitors’ physical, mental and competitive skills.

The athletes will be divided into two teams of 10: the Famous Team will consist of outstanding professional athletes and title holders, and the Contenders Team will be made up by aspiring and amateur athletes.

Every week, one contestant will be eliminated until only one winner remains. The winner will receive a US$ 200,000 grand prize.

Telemundo also introduced the first two contestants: Norma Palafox, a 20-year-old Mexican soccer player and member of the Chivas team from Guadalajara; and Javier Lucero, a 30-year old retired US Marine, married and father of two.

Exatlon US is the adaptation of Turkish format by Acun Medya, Exathlon. It’s distributed in Latin America by Inter Medya following an alliance between the companies, where it was already been adapted in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.