With Living On a Razor’s Edge, the title selected for Canneseries, as a spearhead, Globo is looking for new deals in Europe.

* with production by Rodrigo Ros, from Cannes, France.

The presentation of Living On a Razor’s Edge, held this Sunday in Cannes, left Globo executives present at Miptv 2024 very satisfied, where the Brazilian giant is pushing its successful and recognized stories as formats for local adaptations.

“We are very focused on format sales and have many opportunities for telenovelas and series to create local productions with our stories,” explained Fabio Mauro, Globo’s Content Distribution & Partnerships Manager. “Europe, Asia and the Middle East are the ones who are most looking for local adaptations with stories we have told in the past. We believe these are very important territories to retell Globo’s stories that are already familiar to everyone.”

At the same time, Globo continues to bet on its own remakes, after the success of Pantanal: “Pantanal was a very well done remake and we are selling it to all territories. We have other telenovelas that are following in its footsteps”.

Regarding Living On a Razor’s Edge, Mauro assured that Sunday’s presentation “went super well”: “We are very excited and we believe that this title will be very important for Europe and the rest of the territories”.