After partnering for The Pack, Fremantle and Chilean producer Fabula revealed a new fiction series about nuns who will fight against sex trafficking. They will look for other coproducers at Natpe.

Following the successful alliance for The Pack, Fremantle and Fabula are once again joining forces to coproduce another fiction series. Titled Talitha Kum, it will be a female-led action series based in Mexico.

Fremantle revealed the news this Friday through their Twitter account, saying: “Proud to announce this new series, Talitha Kum. Another great push into our Latin American strategy, working with our partner. ”

The Chilean producer led by Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín and the global London-based company -which this week appointed Manuel Martí to boost its series in Latin America – will present a promotional clip at the next Natpe Miami, where they will have meetings in search of potential co-producers

According to Variety, the new series “promises to give an original gender shift to the scene of brave women fighting toxic masculinity.”

The plot of Talitha Kum begins in Tenancingo, Tlaxcala, in southeastern Mexico, cradle of sexual slavery. There, a faction of nuns, part of the secret world organization Talitha Kum, trains in kung fu inside the Convent of the Sisters of Charity, before infiltrating as prostitutes in the most feared gangs in Mexico, with the aim of freeing their young girls from sex trafficking.

Magdalena, a young nun, receives the call and joins Talitha Kum, changing her habit for a poor quality miniskirt, while a wild war breaks out between rival gangs. An expert in martial arts, Magdalena is also special in other ways.

The fiction has Marialy Rivas as director and is written by Chile’s Manuela Infante, scriptwriter of the Finland-Chile co-production Invisible Heroes, and by Enrique Videla, who worked with Pablo Larraín in Fugitives (HBO), in addition to writing the recent dramas The pack and Dignity.

Same as with The pack, Fremantle will handle the international sales of Talitha Kum.