The agreement signed is for the development of a total of eight new series for the US Hispanic streaming platform.

Pantaya, the premium SVOD service for the Hispanic and Latino audience in the US, announced an agreement with Fremantle and Fabula to develop a total of eight new series for the premium streaming platform in Spanish.

The deal is part of Pantaya’s plan to greatly increase original content production capacity for the service, which continues to attract increasingly diverse and broad audience groups.

Prior to the newly announced deal, Pantaya, Fabula and Fremantle had partnered on two series so far: Señorita 89, which will arrive in Pantaya in the first quarter of 2022, and El Refugio, which recently finished filming in Chile.

Señorita 89 was written and directed by one of the most outstanding screenwriters and film and TV directors in Latin America, Lucía Puenzo, and has an acting cast full of established and emerging stars led by the winner of the Mexican Academy Award Ilse Salas (Güeros, Las chicas bien), one of the most sought-after actresses in the country, along with Juan Manuel Bernal (Obediencia perfecta), This is Not Berlin actress Ximena Romo, Natasha Dupeyron (La casa de las flores), Bárbara López (Amor a muerte), Luis Ernesto Franco (Falsa identidad), Edwarda Gurrola (Luciérnagas) and Ianis Guerrero (Tigers Are Not Afraid).

The series’ executive producers are Juan de Dios and Pablo Larraín, Ángela Poblete and Mariane Hartard from Fabula and Christian Vesper from Fremantle.

Pantaya has the rights to the series in the US and Puerto Rico, and Starzplay will broadcast it in Latin America and Spain.

Meanwhile, El Refugio is a co-production in Spanish between Starzplay, Pantaya, Fremantle and Fabula. It stars Alberto Guerra (The pack), Ana Claudia Talancón (Como caido del cielo) and Zuria Vega (La venganza de las juanas) and directed by the Argentine Pablo Fendrik (Ardor).

The shelter recently wrapped up its main shoot after 10 weeks of filming in rural areas near Santiago de Chile.

“We are delighted to continue working with our friends from Fremantle and Fabula after two successful productions. Señorita 89 and El Refugio are exciting one-of-a-kind, top-notch series with fantastic production,” commented Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantaya.

“We are excited that our subscribers will soon be able to watch these series and that new viewers will be able to discover this high-level content on the Pantaya platform. We look forward to continuing to expand this partnership and create even more incredible projects that the audience will love,” he added.

For her part, Sheila Aguirre, Executive VP of Distribution in Latin America and the US Hispanic Market, stated: “This is an exciting time for the fiction business in Latin America, which is rapidly being recognized as a core of talent. diverse, with authentic stories that explode with global appeal, of which El Refugio and Señorita 89 are great examples. We look forward to further developing our partnership with Pantaya and Fabula to bring even more top-tier drama series from Latin America to audiences around the world.”

Ángela Poblete, Director of Regional Television at Fabula added: “We have been working with Pantaya for two years in an alliance full of fantastic experiences. We are delighted by the respect they show for creative freedom and the trust they have placed in our work. The result is this collaboration that will undoubtedly bring new and exciting content”.

In 2019, Fabula, the Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín company, signed a pre-emptive agreement with Fremantle’s global drama division, led by President Christian Vesper, to develop a set of original dramas in English and Spanish for have Fremantle distribute them globally.