The successful Turkish drama, produced by Ay Yapim for Kanal D, will premiere in the US Hispanic network on Monday, March 23 at 7:00pm.

Qué Culpa Tiene Fatmagül (What is Fatmagül’s Fault), the most successful Turkish drama worldwide, distributed by Kanal D International, is premiering on UniMás on Monday, March 23, at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT.

This high-quality production featuring fascinating scenic views and characters that inspire, transform, and captivate, has aired in 149 countries, more than any other Turkish series.

Produced by Ay Yapim for Kanal D, Fatmagül is an adaptation of Vedat Turkali’s no

It tells the story of Fatmagül (Beren Saat), a young woman who lives in a seaside town counting the days to marry her fiancé, and childhood love, fisherman Mustafa (Frat Çelik), However, a tragedy strikes one night altering Fatmagül’s life radically. Mustafa breaks off their engagement and Fatmagül is forced to get married to Kerim (Engin Akyürek), to cover up a crime. But Kerim is not guilty and will try to convince Fatmagül that he is innocent, while the actual criminals continue living their spoiled and luxurious lives.

The story attempts to answer whether two people can learn to love each other in an arranged marriage under unfortunate circumstances. Things get more complicated when Fatmagül’s ex-fiancée, Mustafa, can’t forget her and follows the newlyweds to the city.