The CEO of the Mexico-based production company present at MipCancun details the focus of the production company that enlists international premium series, its first film and the development of entertainment formats.

In just five years, Dopamine, a producer for Grupo Salinas de México, has positioned itself as one of the great makers of premium fiction originals.

With the debut of Hernán, a series based on the Spanish conqueror, Dopamine set the bar for local original fiction series very high. And the projects that followed set the course for what Dopamine is today.

“We are five years old and we have made many series for platforms. We have done many originals like Hernán, Amarres, Búnker, Supertitlán; and now we have reached a point where we are doing two big series on both sides of the Atlantic”, Fidela Navarro, CEO of Dopamine, told ttvnews.

“One that is Reina roja for Amazon Spain, where we lead development and production, and Coyotl for HBO Max, which is in full post-production in Mexico. I think that’s the point where we wanted to get to,” said the executive.

But there is much more. “We are also with our first finished film in English shot in the United States. And we continue to give strength to the world of international co-production with a series for the BBC, for example”.

“I think these five years have been impressive. We are happy and proud in the team. And going forward, we want to do entertainment and movies. You have to give diversification to be able to sustain those cash flows necessary to continue like this”, concluded Navarro.