Sessão de Terapia, a Globoplay original produced by Moonshot Pictures production in partnership with GNT, premiered on Globoplay.

Dori Media Group announced that following strong ratings and critical acclaim for previous seasons of Sessão de Terapia (In Treatment), a new 5th season has aired in Brazil.

The two firsts’ seasons were adapted from DMG distributed Israeli format Be Tipul. The third season, screenwriter Jaqueline Vargas, the producer Roberto d’Avila – CEO of Moonshot Pictures – and the director and actor Selton Mello developed completely new seasons. The fourth season saw a partnership with Globoplay develop and resulted in some of the highest ratings achieved by the format in Brazil.

Nadav Palti, CEO & President of Dori Media Group commented: “We are delighted to see the resounding success of the new season of In treatment in Brazil after the outstanding performance of all previous seasons. In Treatment demystifies professional therapy without trivializing patients’ suffering. The format’s success has lasted more than a decade and reflects In Treatment’s status as one of the best Israeli television series produced and one of the most replicable due to its global relevance.”

Roberto d’Avila, CEO of Moonshot Pictures Brazil commented: “In Treatment has really resonated with Brazilian audiences and is one of the most popular dramas ever produced in the country. The show continues to significantly raise the quality of similar worldwide formats, thanks to its ability to be replicated and remain relevant to the Brazilian audience in today’s competitive market. In Treatment encourages and promotes the thinking, acceptance and healthy articulation of feelings which is challenging for most people in present times.”

During the fifth season of Sessão de Terapia Caio Barone (Selton Mello) will have to face new challenges. Without Sofia, he needs to search for a new professional to attend him. This is when Davi Greco (Rodrigo Santoro) arrives, a therapist who takes care of adults, but, most of all, he takes care of children, something that will create a tension between them.

Manu (Letícia Colin), Tony (Christian Malheiros), Giovana (Luana Xavier) and Lidia (Miwa Yanagizawa) are Caio’s new patients. Over 35 episodes, Sessão de Terapia will outline Caio Barone’s daily life. With the news of his mother’s death, conflict will arise with his sister, Mariana (Brina Chiaradia), who insists that he needs to meet their brother, Miguel. The main protagonist will resist, imagining that this unexpected brother happens to be an irresponsible man. Miguel will be played by Danton Mello, the real brother of Selton Mello.

Directed by Selton Mello and written by Jaqueline Vargas, Sessão de Terapia is a Globoplay original series, produced by Roberto d’Avila, CEO of Moonshot Pictures, in partnership with GNT and Globoplay.

Original Brazilian scripts for 35 episodes of In Treatment are available for licensing and adaptations. The first 80 episodes of In Treatment were adapted from two Israeli two seasons, and the new 35 scripts link to previous seasons. After that, 2 new Seasons of 35 episodes each follow a new therapist, his patients and a new Supervisor.