The event will have two new panels this Wednesday: one focused on the new era of unscripted formats and the other on co-production between Spain and Latin America.

TTV+Live continues this Wednesday with two new panels that will reflect on unscripted formats and co-production between Spain and Latin America.

First thing in the morning, the event will open with the panel The New Era of Unscripted Formats, which will begin at 09:00 MEX / 10:00 MIA / 12:00 BS.AS. / 16:00 MAD.

“Never before has the entertainment formats industry been so competitive: big franchises are taking prime time on linear screens, platforms are ordering more and more unscripted content, and new paths are being opened to find the next big hit. How does the new television ecosystem affect entertainment production? What’s behind the Korean boom? Where and how to choose the ideal partners to test disruptive ideas? Local adaptations or search for original ideas? What role does talent signing play in all this?”


Coty Cagliolo, Head of Production Latam, Fremantle
Sebastian Moguilevsky, Managing Director, Warner Bros. International Television Production Spain and Portugal
Marie Leguizamo, Executive Producer, Endemol Shine Group


Josefina Mezzera, Senior Editor, TTV News

Later in the day, the event will continue with the LatAm-Spain Co-Production panel, which will begin at 10:00 MEX / 11:00 MIA / 13:00 BS.AS. / 17:00 MAD.

“After years of trying, the first series co-production projects between Latin America and Spain are coming to light. In alliance with Conecta FICTION, this panel presents producers from both sides of the Atlantic sharing their experiences and discussing the opportunities for alliances for the future.”


Emilio Amaré, partner and CEO, Plano a Plano (Spain)
Agustín Sacanell, CEO, Kapow (Argentina)


Géraldine Gonard, Founder and CEO, Conecta FICTION (France, Spain)
Beatriz Cavanillas, Marketing Manager, Conecta FICTION (Spain)

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