It will be a fiction series based on the short story Breves amores eternos by the Argentine writer Pedro Mairal.

Gato Grande, a production company owned by MGM, responsible for fictions such as Luis Miguel, the series; announced this Wednesday, May 26, a co-production alliance with the Argentine production company Kapow.

Together, they will develop a fiction series based on the short story book Breves amores eternos, by Argentine Pedro Mairal, author of the successful novel La uruguaya.

“We are happy to announce our most recent co-production with the great Argentine company Kapow Producciones for the adaptation of the book Breves amores eternos, by the famous author Pedro Mairal. There will be more news soon!”, the Gato Grande team said.

Breves amores eternos is a volume of short stories where the author addresses topics such as love with their different faces, the multiple forms of circulation of desire, sex as an escape from the traps of bourgeois life, the very unflattering role of the men in romantic relationships.