Under the local title Empoderada, the Turkish drama will premiere this Monday, April 12 on eltrece.

Gulperi, the Turkish drama distributed by Global Agency, will add a new international screen this week with its arrival in Argentina.

Under the local title Empoderada, the drama will premiere on eltrece this Monday, April 12.

The drama tells the story of Gulperi (Nurgül Yesilçay), a woman whose life was marked by a male-dominated society, and who had to abandon her dreams, studies, and her forced first love for her father.

After learning of the death of her husband, Eyüp, on a business trip, GÜlperi is forced to move, along with her three children, to the mansion of her father-in-law and her family. On the spot, she suffers an attempted rape by her brother-in-law, but she manages to defend herself from it and causes serious injuries to the abuser. This situation leads her to have to serve a sentence of almost two years in prison, separating her from her children.

During the absence of her mother, the boys are left in the care of her paternal grandparents who oppose her returning to her, and seek to turn them against her, blaming her for the death of her father. With the help of her first love, Kadir (Timuçin Esen), who will also be her lawyer, GÜlperi, he will fight through so much hostility and will seek to regain the love of her children to obtain custody of her and go in search of her dreams.

A TIMS&B Productions production, the drama originally premiered in Turkey on Show TV in 2019.