The festival announced its selection of 21 “Forum Exclusives” titles, including Hit Parade from Brazil and Interrupted from Turkey.

The Series Mania organization revealed on Thursday the selection of 21 series from 19 countries for its “Forum Exclusives” category.

Of them, they detailed, seven will be world premieres, a record for the festival.

The selection, they added, was supervised by Frédéric Lavigne, artistic director of Series Mania and will be able to be enjoyed via screeninings by registered participants between August 30 and September 18.

“We are delighted to offer these Forum Exclusives to our registered guests during the three face-to-face days of the event at the Grand Palais in Lille, as well as through the Series Mania digital platform,” said Francesco Capurro, Director of Series Mania Forum.

Among the 21 series selected, Hit Parade from Brazil and Interrupted from Turkey stand out.

The first is a production broadcast on Canal Brasil, by Globo, and produced by Kuarup. The second is a TIMS & B Productions production distributed by Inter Medya.

The 21 series chosen (those marked with * are world premieres):

A Love For Dilemma (China) Prod: Shanghai Linmon Pictures Co., Ltd., Dist: Iqiyi International Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Aftertaste (Australia) Prod: Closer Productions, Dist: ABC Commercial

Algiers Confidential (Francia/Alemania) Prod: Watch Next Media en coproducción con Eikin Media, Dist: About Premium Content *

Doce (Portugal) Prod: Santa Rita Filmes *

Echos (Germany) Prod: Neuesuper, en coproducción con Joyn, Dist: Beta Film GmbH

Ever After (Italy) Prod: Indigo Film, Dist: About Premium Content

Hit Parade (Brazil) Prod: Kuarup, Dist: Caren Moy

Interrupted (Turkey) Prod: TIMS&B Productions, Dist: Inter Medya

Journey (Island) Prod: Glassriver, Dist: Keshet International

L’Ora (Italy/France) Prod: Indiana Production, Squareone Productions y SND, Dist: SND *

Mental (Russia) Prod: 1-2-3 Production

New Heights (Switzerland) Prod: Zodiac Pictures LTD *

Pandore (Belgium) Prod: Artémis Productions (Belgique), en coproducción con Series Fund FWB-RTBF, Dist; About Premium Content *

RFDS, Royal Flying Doctor Service (Australia) Prod: Endemol Shine, Dist: Banijay Rights Limited

Way Over Me (Canada) Prod: ALSO Productions, Dist: Attraction Distribution

The Amazing Grace Of Σ (Taiwan) Prod: Rosebud Production Co., Ltd. *

The Family (Serbia) Prod: Firefly Productions

The Hunt For Salamander (Bulgaria) Prod: Nova Broadcasting Group

The Spectacular (Netherlands) Prod: Pupkin, Dist: Newen Connect *

Threesome (Sweden) Prod: Yellow Bird, Dist: Eccho Rights

Who Killed The Good Man (Taiwan) Prod: Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation