The Globoplay Original docuseries about the sexual crimes and the duality of the Brazilian famous faith healer, John of God, has been licensed to Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland in Germany. It will premiere this year on RTL Crime.

On Behalf of God, Globoplay Original docuseries about a scandal that shocked the world has just been licensed to Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland in Germany.

Globo’s production, which will premiere this year on RTL Crime in Germany, presents the sexual crimes and the duality of the Brazilian famous faith healer, John of God, who promised miraculous cures, inspiring fascination and rejection.

The 6 episodes of the series follow the investigations leading to the first reports, in 2018. Women revealed that, when seeking spiritual treatment, they were sexually abused by the medium João Teixeira de Faria, commonly known as John of God. In light of the repercussion, hundreds of other cases came across. The religious leader was accused and, later, sentenced to 40 years in prison. The docuseries also reveals his parallel life, as well as his extensive protection network and serious crime reports. It follows step-by-step the investigation in Brazil, in the Netherlands and in the United States, proving crimes committed far away from Abadiânia, the city where he made his customer services. The documentary also raises interesting questions about how far the popularity of spiritual healers can influence society.

Camila Appel, journalist and screenwriter responsible for the documentary, was extremely important for this content, due to the sensitivity and confidence she got to interview and obtain unpublished reports of the harassed victims, including from the daughter of John of God. Besides, she followed the case from the first suspicions to John’s house arrest in March 2020.

“This series strength reinforces the importance of content related to current social issues. The diversity and pain within each of the stories bring inspiration, courage and voice to these women. An impressive production enhanced by reaching audiences all around the world through important partnerships such as Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland in Germany”, commented Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo.

On Behalf of God is a Globoplay Original docuseries featuring argument and creation by Pedro Bial, content direction by Fellipe Awi, and direction by Monica Almeida, Gian Carlo Bellotti and Ricardo Calil. To shoot the series, a record search was carried out on documentaries and national and international TV programs, as well as the use of material from personal records of the victims and houses where the medium performed in Goiás and Rio Grande do Sul. The series is part of Globo’s vast catalog of purpose oriented stories that touch contemporary questions of the society, such as female empowerment, racism and activism.