Globoplay’s original title will have its international presentation, accompanied by other series such as Intolerantes and the third season of Comando Antisecuestro.

The international launch of Globoplay’s new original Globoplay series, The Game (working title), will take place at Content London, with the first screening scheduled for November 28th at Hall 4, Kings Place.

Created by José Junior (Comando Antisecuestro y Sistema en Colapso) by AfroReggae Audiovisual, The Game portrays the emergence of drug trafficking factions based on events that have occurred in Rio de Janeiro over the past 40 years.

Gabriel Doria, in charge of Content Distribution and Partnerships at Globo, pointed out that they have taken a varied portfolio to Content London to demonstrate that they meet different solutions and market needs.

“We have ready-made products ranging from telenovelas, series, and documentaries to formats in which our content can be adapted to local versions. We know the strength and universality of our stories, and we want to reach more and more new audiences and generate attraction with this audience. We are also excited about the international preview of The Game, which is also a way to reinforce the quality of our content,” he said.

Directed by Heitor Dhalia, the Globoplay Original plot features names such as Rômulo Braga (Rota 66: La policía que mata), Jonathan Azevedo (Querer sin límites), Babu Santana (Amor Perfecto), Ravel Andrade (Aruanas), Pedro Wagner, Bukassa Kabengele, among others.

In Brazil, The Game will be screened at the Globoplay booth during the CCXP, one of the world’s most significant pop culture events, in São Paulo in December 2023.

Other Globoplay Originals titles in the portfolio for Content London include Intolerantes, Globoplay’s most-watched series in Brazil, and the third season of Comando Antisecuestro. This suspenseful and tense action drama follows the turbulent routine of Rio de Janeiro’s Anti-Kidnapping Division.

Among the telenovelas, Tierra de Deseos, currently in primetime on Globo, stands out. Written by Walcyr Carrasco, Emmy winner with Verdades Secretas, the attraction reached approximately 32 million people per day in the first fifteen weeks of transmission.

To bring its content to local adaptations, Globo is also investing in selling successful formats such as Totalmente Diva, La Favorita, La vida sigue, and Verdades Secretas. Reinforcing this move, Globo recently announced the deal of the format Avenida Brasil to Turkish production company Ay Yapim.

Expanding its presence on the European continent, Globo recently announced the sales of Pantanal, this year’s Emmy-nominated telenovela, to Poland; Solo Confia to Poland and Bulgaria; and Rose d’Or-nominated Todas las Flores to Armenia.