The production is from the same author of Hidden Truths, telenovela licensed for over 80 countries

Production shown in prime time by Globo in Brazil, Land of Desire will be released into the international market during Mipcom, one of the greatest entertainment and media events to happen in Cannes. With artistic direction by Luiz Henrique Rios (Total Dreamer and A Life Worth Living), and names like Cauã Reymond (Brazil Avenue and In Your Place), Tony Ramos (India: A Love Story) and Gloria Pires (Once We Were Six) in the cast, the telenovela is a classic story, with family dramas, disputes and unspeakable secrets. The show is also nominated for the Produ Awards, an audiovisual sector award that promotes Latin and Spanish productions, for best telenovela.

Author of hits like Sweet Diva, The Other Side of Paradise, and Trail of Lies, Walcyr gathered together elements of a classic story amongst the breathtaking scenario of the Brazilian countryside. “It is a telenovela that shows the strength of love and overcoming obstacles. With a plot that presents itself through a great love drama and a struggle for inheritance, within an agricultural, rural environment, a part of the country still unknown by many, in a way that we are not used to seeing in telenovelas”, says Walcyr.

Land of Desire begins with the saga of Aline (Barbara Reis from All The Flowers), a young woman who sees her family cut down by a crime. In the courage of those who face everything and everyone to defend their legacy, this woman shows that strength and love, together, can be an engine of transformation, justice and hope. Aline resumes her story, moved by the desire for reparation, when she crosses paths with the family of Antônio La Selva (Tony Ramos), divided by ambition and many secrets.

Set in Mato Grosso do Sul, in the fictional Nova Primavera, the main scenario of the production is large plantations, full of technology, with all the diversity of the rural universe, its colors, cultures and experiences.

“’Land of Desire is a telenovela that takes place in the modern interior of Brazil. We are discussing this deepest place of each one, so this interior is real, modern, current, but, at the same time, we have characters who live conflicts very close to all of us. I think the story will touch people deeply and manage to involve them in the desire to watch the path of these characters, because they talk about what is most intimate in each of us, our fears, needs, desires, fantasies”, says Luiz Henrique Rios.

In the first eleven weeks of airing in Brazil, the telenovela conquered the audience and reached around 32 million people per day.

“While the plot has universal elements, it carries our Brazilianness in its story. It has a strong cast, with renowned actors from Brazilian dramaturgy, such as Glória Pires and Tony Ramos, in addition to new talents, such as Bárbara Reis, who is experiencing her first protagonist. In his telenovelas, which are successful both in Brazil and in the international market, Walcyr Carrasco knows how to involve the public with his narrative and twists and with Land of Desire we have this set”, comments Gabriel Bonelli, head of International Sales.