The company also brings Globoplay Originals releases to the event

Globo gets to Series Mania, a French television festival, with its main releases. In addition to presenting the new, and final, season of We Are Five, the brand includes in its portfolio products such as Living On A Razor’s Edge’, the only Brazilian production selected in the Berlinale Series Market this year, The End, The Brazilian Mafia, The Life Ahead, Justice: Life Is Not Fair, and Anti-Kidnapping Unit. With exclusive screenings of series from various countries and panels, Series Mania takes place between March 15th and 22nd in Lille, France.

In the new episodes of We Are Five, the audience will follow the final outcome of the story of Benê (Daphne Bozaski), Ellen (Heslaine Vieira), Keyla (Gabriela Medvedovsky), Lica (Manoela Aliperti) and Tina (Ana Hikari), five young people who met by chance, in a subway car. With an unlikely friendship, strengthened by the uniqueness of each one, the five people remained together in mutual companionship to overcome the difficulties of everyday life – and, in particular, the adult life dilemmas. Created by Cao Hamburger, winner of the International Emmy with Young Hearts – Embrace Diversity, the third season of We Are Five, is artistically directed by Fabrício Mamberti (God Save the King) and general direction by Rafael Miranda.

Also focused on young audiences, The Life Ahead is set at the turn of the millennium, between 1999 and 2000, and addresses the timeless dilemmas of late adolescence and early adulthood through the story of six friends.

Other Globoplay Originals highlighted at Series Mania are Living On A Razor’s Edge’, The End, and The Brazilian Mafia. Produced by AfroReggae Audiovisual, in partnership with Formata Produções and Globoplay, Living On A Razor’s Edge was created by José Junior (Anti-Kidnapping Unit) and it has eight episodes telling the story of the fight of sociologist Herbert de Souza (1935-1997) for major social causes. The End’ was created and written by Fernanda Torres, with artistic direction by Andrucha Waddington (Under Pressure’) and direction by Daniela Thomas. It is the story of a group of friends, and their joys, madness and frustrations, over four decades.

The documentary series The Brazilian Mafia delves into the underworld of Jogo do Bicho, in Rio de Janeiro, with an operation that involves stories of influential families with internal fights for power, fraud, betrayal, revenge and murders. With artistic supervision by Pedro Bial (Xuxa, A Life On TV’), The Brazilian Mafia is produced by Conversa.doc, the documentary nucleus of Conversa com Bial. The artistic direction is by Monica Almeida, and the directors are Fellipe Awi, Ricardo Calil and Gian Carlo Bellotti. Executive production is by Erick Brêtas and Mariano Boni.

Other series in Globos portfolio for Series Mania are The Others, Anti-Kidnapping Unit, and Under Pressure.

“We have a diversified portfolio, which ranges from plots for younger audiences, such as We Are Five, to dramas as Living On A Razor’s Edge, action with Anti-Kidnapping Unit, in addition to The Brazilian Mafia, which addresses the operation of Jogo do Bicho and takes place along the lines of a mafia. We want to strengthen our presence in Europe more and more, since it’s a strategic territory for Globo. We have started the year well in the region with the Berlinale, where we were selected for the screening of Living On A Razor’s Edge, and we have already confirmed our presence on MIPTV in April,” says Gabriel Doria, Content Distribution & Partnerships.