The successful telenovela reached an audience of more than 30 million Brazilians per day on broadcast television, compared to Pantanal, and will be available to the international market.

TV Globo announced the international market launch of its successful telenovela Land of Desire during Wednesday’s MipCancun, where the screening of the first episode of the telenovela took place, with great expectations of success for this production written by Walcyr Carrasco, Emmy winner for his novel Verdades Secretas.

Land of Desir, compared for its success with the renowned Brazilian telenovela Pantanal, jumps into the international market with a spectacular track record in Brazil, where it reached more than 30 million loyal viewers daily on broadcast television.

Isadora Filpi, Globo’s Content Distribution & Partnerships manager, commented during the presentation that the audience of Tierra de deseos remained loyal throughout its transmissions. “More than 70% of viewers continue to accompany it over the months; it is incredible, and the audience of the slot is four times larger than the second open television in the country with a share of 46%, which is similar to what we had when Avenida Brasil was on the air,” she said.

The star cast includes Cauã Reymond (Jorgito from Avenida Brasil), Tony Ramos (India: A Love Story), and Gloria Pires (Éramos Seis).

According to Filpi, the main thread of events is a family succession. “A plot that involves power, money, and romance. During its broadcast, the telenovela reached an audience of more than 30 million Brazilians per day on free-to-air television, which means it had the same reach as the successful telenovela Pantanal. In the streaming Globo Play, the telenovela has more than 9 million hours viewed,” he said.