The new telenovela is currently filming in Portugal and will reach the international market in 2023.

The filming of The Path, new Globo primetime telenovela, has already begun in Portugal. Alexandre Nero (Empire) and Rodrigo Lombardi (Hidden Truths and India: A Love Story) have filmed in Lisbon, Setúbal, and Óbidos. The story arrives in the international market in 2023.

The Path takes place mostly in Rio de Janeiro, but it is also centered in Maranhão and Portugal. In the story, a few Brazilian characters live in Lisbon, which builds important bridges to its development,” says the author.

“Portugal is certainly one of the most interesting places in Europe and has developed nicely. We filmed in the busiest and most iconic places in Lisbon. We went to Óbidos, a beautiful and medieval place, and we went to a winery in historic building from Setúbal,” said the director Mauro Mendonça Filho, who was also responsible for directing Hidden Truths. The plot remarks the reestablishment of the partnership between Glória Perez and Mauro, who worked together in Merciless, a series from 2014, licensed to more than 30 countries.

“Globo invests in content that is capable of traveling and connecting with the audience from several countries, and The Path is a reflex of this. It is a telenovela written by an author who is already well-known in the international market, and with successful actors from renowned productions. In addition to the high technical quality, which is part of Globo’s production,” says Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo.

In the plot, Rodrigo Lombardi is Moretti, a businessman who works in the civil construction industry and lives in the Portuguese capital. Alexandre Nero is back together with Giovanna Antonelli (A Woman’s Fate) as Stênio and Helô, the successful characters from Brave Woman, also written by Glória Perez. Lucy Alves (A Mother’s Love), Chay Suede (A Mother’s Love), Rômulo Estrela (A Life Worth Living and Hidden Truths II), Drica Moraes (Hidden Truths and Under Pressure), Cassia Kis (Unsoul), and Vanessa Giácomo (A Woman’s Fate) are also part of the casting.