The production is one of the next releases for the international market.

Globo started recording Land and Passion (working title), the channels next prime-time telenovela. The production is by Walcyr Carrasco, author of hits such as Hidden Truths, Sweet Diva and The Other Side of Paradise, inspired by his own childhood to create the plot that takes place in Mato Grosso do Sul, in the Midwest of Brazil.

“The story presents a great love drama and a struggle for inheritance, within an agricultural, rural environment, a part of the country still unknown by many people, in a matter that we are not used to seeing in telenovelas. I am fascinated by the technology implemented in agriculture today, I fell in love with this environment and wanted to bring it to the screens”, reveals the author.

In the plot, Aline, character played by Barbara Reis (All The Flowers and Under Pressure) is a teacher who, after the murder of her husband, becomes an agricultural producer and begins a journey to defend the land she lives and build a better future for herself and her family. She gets involved with the brothers played by Cauã Reymond (In Your Place and Brazil Avenue) and Johnny Massaro (Hidden Truths 2), who are at the center of a dispute over inheritance and succession in the wealthy family of the rural producers Antônio, character played by Tony Ramos (India: A Love Story).

With artistic direction by Luiz Henrique Rios (A Trick of Fate and A Life Worth Living), the telenovela has in the cast names like Gloria Pires (Once We Were Six and The Other Side of Paradise), Paulo Lessa, Agatha Moreira (Hidden Truths and Sweet Diva) and Débora Ozório (A Trick of Fate).

“Globo is internationally recognized for its telenovelas and for the technical quality of its productions, expertise that the company has built over time. With Land and Passion (working title) couldnt be any different. It is an epic of resilience, with a love triangle and disputes over ambition. It is worth mentioning that Walcyr Carrascos productions always have a lot of repercussions. They are successful works both in Brazil and in the international market, with emblematic characters and stories that involve the audience. And, in addition to Land and Passion, that we already started the recordings, Globo also releases Amor Perfeito (Perfect Love), the new telenovela that will be played at 6pm, by Duca Rachid and Júlio Fischer, a light story, with references to fairy tales reaching the international market in the second semester”, comments Angela Colla, Head of International Business at Globo.