The event also features a screening of Living on A Razors Edge and Cidade; Campo, co-produced by Globo Filmes.

Globo will be present at the Berlinale, one of the biggest events in the European audiovisual industry, with its main releases. Globoplay Originals such as The End, The Brazilian Mafia, and The Others are some of the products in the company’s portfolio. The event will also feature an exhibition of Living on A Razor’s Edge, on the 20th, at 2 pm, at CinemaxX 1.

Produced by AfroReggae Audiovisual, in partnership with Formata Produções and Globoplay, the series was created by José Junior (Anti-Kidnapping Unit) and narrates in eight episodes the struggle of sociologist Herbert de Souza (1935-1997) for major social causes. The cast features names such as Júlio Andrade (Under Pressure), Humberto Carrão (All The Flowers), Leandra Leal (Justice: Life is Not Fair), Andreia Horta (In Your Place), Ravel Andrade (Aruanas), Walderez de Barros (Once We Were Six), Michel Gomes, and Sirlea Aleixo.

“We wanted to show in this series how the actions of individuals can help change a country. And it is very gratifying to see this very Brazilian story having the opportunity to move people from outside the country, who may not (yet) know Betinho, but will connect with his legacy”, comments Alex Medeiros, Head of dramaturgy & documentaries of the Globoplay Originals, who also wrote the final version of the series.

Other Globoplay Originals highlighted at the Berlinale are The End, The Others, and The Brazilian Mafia. Created and written by Fernanda Torres, with artistic direction by Andrucha Waddington (Under Pressure) and direction by Daniela Thomas, The End follows a group of friends, and their joys, nonsenses, and frustrations, over four decades. The Others, by Lucas Paraizo (Under Pressure), with artistic direction by Luisa Lima (Where My Heart Is), discusses intolerance and the difficulty of having a dialogue in todays society.

The documentary series The Brazilian Mafia delves into the underworld of Jogo do Bicho, in Rio de Janeiro. With an operation that takes place along the lines of a mafia, Jogo do Bicho involves stories of influential families with internal fights for power, fraud, betrayal, revenge, and murders. With artistic supervision by Pedro Bial (Xuxa, A Life On TV), The Brazilian Mafia is produced by Conversa.doc, the documentary core of Conversa com Bial. The artistic direction is Monica Almeidas, and the directors are Fellipe Awi, Ricardo Calil, and Gian Carlo Bellotti. Executive production is by Erick Brêtas and Mariano Boni.

Globo Filmes will also be present at the event with the film Cidade; Campo, by Juliana Rojas, which will be presented at Berlinale Encounters, a selection aimed at promoting bold works by independent and innovative filmmakers. The films featured in this category will compete for the awards for Best Film, Direction and Special Jury Prize. Starring Fernanda Vianna, Mirella Façanha, and Bruna Linzmeyer, the story is about migration between the city and the countryside based on the stories of the characters of Joana and Flávia. The film is produced by Dezenove Som e Imagens and co-produced by Globo Filmes, Canal Brasil, Telecine, Spcine, Quanta, O2 Pós, Vitrine Filmes, Sutor Kolonko (Germany) and Good Fortune Films (France). The main screening of the film will take place on the 19th, at 4:30 pm, at the Akademie der Künste. Other screenings take place on the 20th, at 7:30 pm, at the International; 21st, at 12:30 pm, at Colosseum 1; 22nd, at 3:30 pm, at Zoo Palast 2, and 23rd, at 9:45 am, at Cubix 8.