The award-winning Brazilian telenovela will premiere on August 17th in Israel on Dori Media’s network, Viva; and in Georgia on the Rustavi2 network.

Israelis are increasingly enchanted by the engaging narratives of Globo telenovelas. The Viva channel, which acquired A Second Chance and showing The Other Side of Paradise, at 6:00 p.m., premieres the award winning Orphans of a Nation on the 17th at 8 p.m.

The telenovela also advances new territories and arrives in Georgia, a country in Central Asia, will air on Rustavi2 channel the same day. The production is among the finalists in the Serial Drama category at the 15th edition of the Seoul Drama Awards, which chooses the best international television productions.

According to Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo, the arrival of Orphans of a Nation at Viva channel shows the strength of the longstanding partnership between the company and the Dori Media group, which owns the channels Viva and Viva Plus. Over the past few years, Globo has been present in the homes of Israelis, through the channels of the Dori Media group, with great successes such as Avenida Brasil, Empire, Brave Woman, Rock Story, among others.

“The arrival of the award winning Orphans of a Nation further reinforces this approach, with a drama that promises to warm public hearts”. On the premiere of production in Georgia, Angela reinforces the products potential to travel new continents. “The telenovela has a narrative capable of identifying itself with cultures from different regions of the world, which allows Globo to expand its licensing to different countries”.

Written by Thelma Guedes and Duca Rachid – winners of the International Emmy for Best Telenovela in 2014 for Precious Pearl – and directed by Gustavo Fernandéz, Orphans of a Nation was awarded the Rose DOr Awards in the telenovela category and has traveled the world, licensed to more than 50 countries. Currently, it is also on display in Mexico by Imagen Televisión, in Bolivia, by Red Uno, and in the final stretch in Uruguay (Teledoce), in addition to having recently been shown in Eastern Europe, on Klan HD TV in Albania and on Klan TV from Macedonia. The work has the issue of refugees as a backdrop to create a pulsating history, having as its main ingredients empathy, cultural diversity and overcoming in the name of love.

In the plot, two Syrian refugees need to leave their homeland and leave for Brazil to rebuild their lives. But, in order to live that love, they need to overcome many barriers. Promised to the powerful sheikh Aziz (Herson Capri, Irrational Heart and Rock Story), Laila (Julia Dalavia, The Other Side of Paradise and Old River) flees with her parents to São Paulo. However, Jamil (Renato Góes, Dark Days), Azizs godson, is sent to Brazil to take her back and force her to fulfill the marriage contract. Jamil ends up falling in love with Laila and they decide to get married, arousing Azizs ire. After the sheikh is mysteriously murdered, his daughter Dalila (Alice Wegmann, Land of the Strong and Dangerours Liaisons) continues their fathers plan for revenge, doing everything she can to separate the couple.

The telenovela had technical partnership with UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency), which cooperated with information about the context of forced displacement and socio-cultural integration of refugee people. In addition, the cast also featured a Syrian refugee, Kaysar Dadour, who brought a real look to his character.